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TMX Elmo

Welcome to! TMX Elmo is the hottest gift for the 2006 holiday shopping season. Supplies are limited and stores sell out quickly so we will do our best to tell you where you can buy a TMX Elmo.


Shopperism: The Week in Review (December 11-17, 2006)

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Picco Z Mini HelicopterTurn the lights off on another week. Learnings:

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Elmo Mania at Wal-Mart (Finally)

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After toying with us for so long, Wal-Mart is now ready to sell 4,000 TMX Elmo’s every day of this week. To try and get one of these $40 wonders, you’ll need to visit this page at noon Eastern time and hope you’re one of the lucky few who sees it say “in-stock”. It’s no secret that Wal-Mart has struggled this holiday season, so it’s about time they unleashed the inventory.

Links:  TMX Elmo on

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Amazon Votes: Choose Your Deal Today for Zune, TMX Elmo, and More

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Amazon is shaking things up a bit. After its Customer Vote effort resulted in great deals, but overwhelming traffic, this week, you’re asked to vote on a deal by 11:59 PM on Sunday (12/10). Once the voting closes, customers will be randomly selected to receive a claim code for the product they voted for (whether it wins or not). Once you have the claim code, just come back anytime on Tuesday (12/12) to complete your purchase.

If your deal doesn’t win, the claim code you may receive will apply to a lesser, but pretty good deal on the product. We’re highlighting this point because the 30GB Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player is leading right now with the George Foreman Grill in second and TMX Elmo in third. Even if Elmo doesn’t catch up, if you vote for TMX Elmo and you’re chosen, you can guarantee yourself a hard-to-find product for less than $40. Here are the four products:

Amazon Customer Vote: Elmo and Zune

Link:  Amazon Customer Vote

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TMX Elmo In Stock at Toys R Us (12/6 @ 1:30PM)

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Toys R Us

If you’re interested, TMX Elmo is available right now at Toys R Us. Hurry, it’ll sell out in minutes.

Update: Sold out in 5 minutes. But, Toys R Us has been frequently posting new inventory today so my recommendation is that you bookmark this link and check it out often.

Link:  TMX Elmo at Toys R Us

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TMX Elmo Available on eToys 11/24 at 1PM Eastern

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Elmo on eToys

We just received the great news from eToys: They expect to have TMX Elmo in stock today, November 24, at 1 PM Eastern. They expect to sell out very quickly so bookmark the link below and get ready to click.

Link:  TMX Elmo at eToys (in stock 11/24 @ 1PM EST)

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TMX Elmo Hispanic Version On WalMart Right Now

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TMX Elmo Hispanic

WalMart has TMX Elmo Hispanic Version in stock right now. It’s been in stock for several hours and we’re not sure when they’ll run out so you may want to jump at this opportunity.


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TMX Elmo on WalMart Right Now (10/19/06 @ 2:50 PM Eastern)

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Links:  TMX Elmo on In Stock (2:50 PM Eastern)

They may have more soon, here is the link (you should bookmark it):

Update: Sold out in 6 minutes.

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Caliente: TMX Elmo Hispanic Version at

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As we’ve covered extensively, TMX Elmo is the must have gift of this holiday shopping season. Unfortunately, the high demand means that it is sold out everywhere. But, on several occasions over the past 48 hours, WalMart had TMX Elmo Hispanic Version in stock for $40 until it sold out. Since they may have more and may release another batch soon we recommend you bookmark the following link (you can right-click and choose to bookmark) which will bring you to the right page on WalMart should Elmo reappear:

There are obvious language differences as Elmo speaks Spanish, not English, but you still get the great TMX Elmo experience. Here is a video if you want to see it in action:


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