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Requiem to a Planet – Long Live Pluto

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I Love Pluto T-Shirt

As you all probably know, Pluto was recently demoted to a dwarf planet leaving our universe with only 8 planets. Unfortunately, the experts from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) concluded that Pluto is nothing more than a ball of ice orbiting Neptune. Attempting to please Pluto-files, the IAU considered modifying the definition of planets to include Pluto, but that would have promoted Ceres (formerly an asteroid) and 2003 UB313. Elementary school teachers would have rebelled if they had to teach kids about that last one.

So now the old mnemonic “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” has to change. Since I’m no longer enjoying my nine pizzas, I’m opening it to you to tell me what I’m being served (be nice, I’m moderating comments).

Pluto may no longer be a planet in our solar system, but it is a superstar in the Shopperism universe.

Join us as we all wear our I Love Pluto T-Shirts (see photo above).

Like a baseball card with a typo on it, maybe one day this book – Pluto the Ninth Planet – will be considered a collectors’ item.

Pluto Book

Want to show your kids and grandkids what the universe used to look like? Try this stunning Astro Lab Planetarium from the Smithsonian.


Gustav Holst was ahead (or actually behind) the times when he composed The Planets in 1917, 13 years before Pluto’s reign of phony planet-dum. Riding the wave of Pluto euphoria, composer Colin Matthews added Pluto to Holst’s work in 2000. Even Matthews admitted that Holst’s family would “amused and dismayed by this venture”.

Holst The Planets

But, there is no better way to say goodbye to the stinkin’ ex-planet by smelling like it. Thanks to our good friends at Disney, now you can smell like Pluto — the dog. (FYI – this fragrance is described as a “fresh, clean citrus, very youthful”)

Pluto Stinks

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Free 2-Day Shipping from Rosetta Stone

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If you want to brush up on that French you learned from high school or pickup Spanish to help with business contacts, Rosetta Stone is the world’s #1 foreign language software company with over 30 languages available in CD-ROM and online subscription.

So what are you waiting for? How about 2-day free shipping in the US?

Here it is: Rosetta Stone – Free 2-Day Shipping in the U.S.

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