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Toys R Us

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November 23rd, 2007 | Permalink

Finding a Transformers Alternators Corvette Autobot Tracks

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Transformers Alternators Corvette Autobot TracksLooking through some of our stats, we noticed that quite a few people have reached our site while looking for Transformers Alternators Corvette Autobot Tracks.

Transformers Alternators is a line of 27 different 1:24 scale accurate Transformer models of real vehicles. In this case, Swerve is an Autobot Transformer based on a real-life Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06. Since it is nearly sold-out everywhere, we are posting links below to various stores that may have it available.


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Nintendo Wii on Toys R Us Right Now (8:20 PM Eastern)

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Toys R Us

Nintendo Wii is available on Toys R Us right now (8:20 PM Eastern). Here is the link: Nintendo Wii on Hurry, it will be gone in minutes.

Link:  Nintendo Wii on

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Top Holiday 2006 Gifts: Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes

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Blue Man Group Percussion TubesThe promotional materials for the next product leads off with “Harness all the energy and excitement of the Blue Man Group” but we really know this about harnessing that energy and excitement of kids who usually hit, bang, and slap everything in sight.

The Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes, based on the innovative percussion instruments created by those three guys with blue painted faces, features eight motion sensitive tubes that play sounds by simply waving the percussion sticks (meaning no drumming required, but I bet that won’t stop your kid from doing it). This battery powered musical toy comes with six different instruments including drums and xylophone. In a sign of the times, it also features an iPod/MP3 player dock which allows your kids to drum to music tracks.

This gift, great for your niece or nephew since you don’t have to deal with the noise, is designed for kids 8 and up and requires 4AA batteries. Selling at $60 to $70, it’s a top seller so keep checking these retailers to see if it’s in stock.

Links:  Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes at Amazon, Toys R Us, eToys, and Walmart

December 16th, 2006 | Permalink

10 Wacky Gifts Under $200

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PC Magazine recently released several fun lists of holiday products including the 10 wackiest gifts for under $200. With loud police sirens, digital wine chillers and piggy banks, and a silver-plated joystick necklace, this list is sure to draw your interest and amusement.

SCOTTEVEST SeV Fleece 4.0 Jacket 1. For the Gadget Freak
SCOTTEVEST SeV Fleece 4.0 Jacket ($139.99)
Nothing says gadget-freak like the infamous SCOTTEVEST fleece which comes with 12 hidden pockets for your cell phone, pda, MP3 player, and camera. You can also run your headphone wires through hidden piping.

2. For the Heavy Sleeper
Snooze Patrol Police Siren Alarm Clock (~$12)
Wake up! Well, if you can’t, try this police siren alarm clock. Between the piercing siren and the flashing blue light, we’re guessing you’d wake up (unless you live in the city, in which case you’re used to these sounds).

3. For the Desperate Housewife
Sommelier’s Wine Chiller ($100)
This chiller will keep your wine at a perfect temperature as it comes with a database that will pick the best temperature based on the type of wine.

4. For the Compulsive Liar
Truth Machine ($59.98)
This great machine allegedly measures micro tremors in your vocal chords to determine if you’re telling the truth. Sounds like a reach and definitely wacky.

5. For the Cheap Wad
Pig E Bank Electronic Bank with LCD Screen ($14.99)
The 21st century kid needs a 21st century piggy bank. Yes, it’s shaped like a pig and has a coin slot, but this one comes with an LCD screen that tracks the total amount of money collected.

6. For the Music Lover Always on the Can
Atech iCarta ($99.99)
There are iPod docks for all kinds of situation, so we’re not surprised that someone finally came up with one for your toilet. This dock not only includes a built-in toilet paper holder it also features four moisture-free speakers.

7. For the Farsighted
Giant Universal Remote ($39.98)
If you know someone who struggles with the small buttons on a remote control, the Giant Universal Remote features huge buttons that are easy to read and light up when pressed.

8. For the Firestarter
Rechargeable LED Candles from Philips ($199.99)
Philips created these simple individual frosted glass LED candles as an alternative to real candles.

9. For the Husband Who Forgets Anniversaries
Lumi Pad from Tomy ($49)
If you really don’t want to forget something, write on this battery-powered 14-inch message board. Your message will glow for all to see. It’s a can’t miss.

10. For the Blingin’ Gamer
Joystick Necklace ($7.99)
The only thing cooler than bling is geek bling. This one speaks for itself.

Link:  PC Magazine’s 10 wackiest gifts for under $200

December 5th, 2006 | Permalink

List of All Toys R’ Us Black Friday and Weekend Deals

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Toys R Us

Toys R Us

We’ve been debating how to handle the Toys R’ Us Black Friday sales because we want to provide you with as much information as we can without overwhelming you. Before we get to the products, we’ll point out that if you use Google Checkout, you can get $10 of purchase of $30 or more. Now on to the sales.

First, Toys R’ Us is holding a 5 AM to Noon sale on many items including 50% off DVD Games Shows, 50% off Bratz Dolls, 40% off Easy Bake Oven, and 50% off Hotwheels and Matchbox.

Then, for all of Friday and Saturday, they will offer additional discounts on other products including buy 1 get one free on Nintendo DS games, 65% off select PS2 games, 33% Off Disney Princess Digital Camera, and 50% Off Fisher-Price Medical Kit.

Here are links to some interesting sales for Friday, 11/24 from 5AM to Noon:

And here are links to interesting products on sale 11/24 through 11/25:

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Shopperism: The Week in Review (October 30 – November 5, 2006)

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BoratYou may have learned something (or nothing) from all those campaign ads on TV, but we learned quite a bit, like:

November 5th, 2006 | Permalink

Top Holiday 2006 Gifts: Tekno the Robotic Puppy

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Tekno Robotic Puppy One of the hottest gifts for this holiday season is a puppy. Not a real puppy who needs to be fed and walked, but rather a robotic one which lives on 4 AA batteries and can be turned off. The Tekno Robotic Puppy is an expressive robot who can walk around, wag his tail, and react by lighting up his eyes and shaking his ears. His sensors allow him to respond to your voice, walk towards and play with objects, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and just enjoy being scratched. Like a real dog, Tekno learns and develops new moves and sounds as you spend more time with him. Before you know it, you’ll grow attached to this little robotic mutt and you too will light up in joy when he pulls off a new move.

Recommended for kids and adults ages 3 and up, Tekno is a great holiday gift to have around the home or even the office. Tekno comes with a plastic bone, a ball, and trick cards and is available in several colors: Silver, Black, and Pearl White. A Dalmatian version is available exclusively at Toys R Us.


October 31st, 2006 | Permalink

Monopoly for the Paris Hilton Generation

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Monopoly Here and Now

Shopperism (the concept, not this website) has taken over our world and no where is that more evident than the new Monopoly Here and Now. The latest reissue of the classic Parker Brothers board game has been redesigned to what Hasbro considers “a representation of America in the 21st Century”. The game boasts five new tokens including a Toyota Prius Hybrid, New Balance running shoe, McDonald’s French Fries, a cup of Starbucks coffee, and a Motorola RAZR. The remaining three tokens are not branded and they include a Jet, a Labradoodle, and a laptop (couldn’t get Apple or Dell branding on this one?). It’s interesting that these products, representing the best and worst of mainstream American commercialism, were chosen. Despite their denials, I still suspect it has more to do with deals cut by the Hasbro team than anything else. Also, unlike the other products, Toyota is not an American company but they are the largest car company on the planet and if you look at the roads today, you’ll see that they are as American as Soccer and Gelato (meaning we’ve adopted them as our own).

Monopoly Here and Now Tokens

Continuing the modernization of the game, which was based on Atlantic City real estate in the Great Depression, the new properties represent expensive real estate across the country. Boardwalk is now Times Square while Park Place was dropped for Fenway Park. How will kids ever know about Ventnor Avenue or Marvin Gardens? The four railroads were replaced by the four busiest airports in the country: Atlanta’s Hartsfield, Chicago’s O’Hare, LA’s LAX, and New York’s JFK. Also, inflation hurts, so dollar amounts are higher (pass “Go” get $2 million).

Monopoly Here and Now

Monopoly Here and Now is available for around $30 from several online merchants including, Amazon, eToys and WalMart. Expect to see a significant advertising campaign in the near future. Those of you still craving for the original Monopoly (as designed in 1935) can continue to purchase the classic version and the many custom versions out there.


October 6th, 2006 | Permalink

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