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TiVo Finally Releases Affordable HD DVR

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TiVo 180-hour HD DVR

We’ve all been waiting for this one.

TiVo has finally released a 180-hour HD DVR for cable users. Priced at $299, this new box can hold up to 20 hours of HD recordings (up to 180 hours in SD) and it comes with two HD tuners. Like other TiVo boxes, this one includes the great and easy-to-use TiVo interface and functionality including online scheduling. This box supports analog and HDTV signal through an over-the-air antenna or through your cable provider (two CableCARD slots included for decoding from your cable company). Video output is available in 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i.

The bad news is that you’ll still need to buy a TiVo service plan which, depending on length of contract, costs $12.95 to $16.95 per month (or $179 to $299 annually).

Link:  New TiVo 180-Hour HD DVR

July 25th, 2007 | Permalink

Free 80-Hour TiVo with Purchase of One Year Service Plan

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TiVo 80-Hour BoxTiVo has brought back its free box sale. This time, you can receive a free factory-renewed (AKA refurbished) 80-hour TiVo Series2 box for free when you you sign up for one year of TiVo service at $12.95. This deal includes free shipping and ends when they exhaust through the limited supply of boxes.

Link:  Free factory-renewed TiVo box with the purchase of a one-year plan

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Shopperism: The Week in Review (November 20-26, 2006)

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Hammacher Robotic PugilistsIt was our first Thanksgiving together and if you’re like us and you chose to shop online (rather than get trampled at 5AM in front of your favorite big box store) then you learned that:

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Free 80-hour TiVo Series2 DVR

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80-hour TiVo Series2 DVR

TiVo‘s holiday promotion focuses on bundling a $199 TiVo Service Gift Card (which is equivalent to 1 year of TiVo service) with DVRs at a reduced price. As a result, for $199 you can buy a gift card for 1-year service and you will receive a free 80-hour TiVo Series2 DVR. If you want a better TiVo DVR, check out the table below indicating what you can get and for how much.

  • $199 — 80-hour TiVo Series2 DVR and $199 TiVo Service Gift Card
  • $268 — 80-hour TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner DVR and $199 TiVo Service Gift Card
  • $368 — 180-hour TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner DVR and $199 TiVo Service Gift Card
  • $429 — 180-hour TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner DVR, $199 TiVo Service Gift Card, Wireless Network Adapter, and Glo Remote
  • $998 — 300-hour TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder with $199 TiVo Service Gift Card

Link:  TiVo’s Holiday Sale including free 80-hour TiVo Series2 DVR

November 24th, 2006 | Permalink

TiVo Web Special on Refurbished Humax DVD Recorder and 140-Hour Box

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Humax DVD Recorder with TiVo

TiVo has just released web-only discounted pricing for factory-renewed Humax DVD Recorders and factory-renewed 140-hour TiVo boxes. The Humax box includes 40 hours of TiVo recording time plus a DVD recorder for $99.99. The other box is a standard TiVo recorder with up to 140 hours of recording time for $49.99. With each box, you will need to buy one-year of TiVo service for either $12.95 per month billed monthly or $155.40 prepaid for the entire year. Free ground shipping will be included with your order.

October 12th, 2006 | Permalink

Now Shipping: TiVo Series 3 HD Digital Media Recorder

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TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media RecorderTiVo has officially announced the release of its TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder and is now accepting orders on its website. For a mere $799.99 you can have one shipped within one to two business days. The TiVo service is an additional $12.95 per month or can be purchased for 1-year at $155.40 or 2-years at $299.

The TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder comes with 300 hours of standard recording time or 32 hours in HD. You can control live HDTV shows and record two digital cable shows at once. The box also includes the latest TiVo broadband features including digital photos, Internet radio, podcasts, and more. Like the Series2, the Series3 includes a USB port for wireless connectivity and an Ethernet port.

September 12th, 2006 | Permalink

The Revolution Will Be TiVo-ed

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When it comes to TiVo, I’m already a lost cause. It’s not only part of my TV, but part of my life. I can’t remember what it was like before I could pause TV or know that everything I want to watch or TiVo thinks I should watch is being recorded for me.

If you haven’t joined the revolution, then its time. Here are some great promos to buy your first (or maybe second, fourth, or ninth) TiVo.

Free shipping on all TiVo boxes

Get 1 year of TiVo service FREE!

Get a TiVo Box & Service for only $19.95 per month with a one year plan

Get a TiVo Box & Service for as low as $16.95 per month with a three year plan

Get a FREE factory-renewed TiVo® box now! Only $12.95/mo with one year plan.

Buy a TiVo box and one-year subscription for just $224!

Get the 180-hour TiVo Series2 DT box+ 1 year of service for just $299 and get a TiVo wireless adapter for FREE

Buy a TiVo DVD Recorder and one-year subscription for just $405.39!

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