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Network Solutions

Network Solutions


How To Get Your Own Domain Email Address

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People have asked me lately how they can get an email address with their own domain name. Well, here are a couple of services:

June 29th, 2007 | Permalink

Alternative Holiday Gift #27: Buy a Domain Name

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Network Solutions

This holiday season, why not buy your family its own “.com” address and a website? Yes, I know those Internet pirates have taken most of the good domains, but maybe the right domain for you is still out there. It’s fun to tell your friends to checkout your blog or to email you at your own “.com”.

Network Solutions, the original domain name registrar, is offering 10% off new domain name registrations. If you want more than just a domain name, they offer various packages that include a website and email. If you want to launch an online business, you can purchase additional web services including e-commerce, security, and marketing tools.

Link:  10% off new domain name registrations; To redeem, click here and use coupon code PCXXX00967

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