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Anatomy of an eBay Scam: Watch an Idiot Try to Con Me

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I recently listed an item for sale on eBay. I was going through my excess electronics and found an item I can sell for a decent price. As I listed the product, little did I know that I’d have a great tale to share with my readers. So here we go.

During the week of the auction I received dozens of fake emails requesting side deals. Example:

I am interested in the purchase of your ____ on ebay .It is to be shipped internationally so i am willing to pay the sum of [___] for it.I Will like it sent to my daughter in West Africa(is it suitable for documentation purposes?) and I will be making the payment via MONEY ORDER by Travelex payments.Kindly get back to me with your name address and two valid email addresses if you are interested and i will proceed with sending the payment immediately.You can send me an email on [___@___]

Several hours prior to the end of the auction, I noticed that the new high bidder was from the UK. He looked reputable (based on feedback) but I had clearly stated that this was a US only auction. I quickly sent him a note telling him of this limitation. just before the end of the auction, I received a legitimate email from eBay entitled “Notice: Administrative Bid Cancellation” informing me that this bidder was actually a fraudulently used account.

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Shopperism: The Week in Review (September 18-24, 2006)

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TMX ElmoHere’s what we learned on Shopperism this week:

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They Tell Me You Have to Buy a TMX Elmo Right Now!

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TMX Elmo Box

Update: TMX Elmo Available on Amazon (as of 9/23/06 at 3PM Eastern) — Click Here

It’s been decided! (at least according to the national media, my friends, and family). TMX Elmo is the one gift you have to buy for the holidays.

TMX ElmoWe all remember the mass hysteria ten years ago as mothers trampled mothers in the toy store to get the must have Tickle Me Elmo. Well, since we don’t have enough hysteria today, the good folks at Fisher-Price, decided to release a 10th anniversary edition code-named “TMX Elmo”. In case you wondered, TMX stand for Tickle Me Extreme. Wow, that’s pretty serious.

The TMX Elmo is so extreme that is starts tickling as soon as you turn it on. The doll flaps, rolls, and generally can’t stop laughing (like me writing this post). The masters of tickle incorporated not two but three different tickle spots — the chin, the tummy, and the foot — which when tickled set TMX Elmo into a seizure like mode where he laughs, slaps his leg, sits down and rocks back and forth until he stands again. You thought that was innovative? If you tickle him again, he sits and falls backwards kicking his feet in the air. By the third tickle he turns over on his stomach and starts pounding the floor. I’m not kidding… I have video proof (at the end of this post).

Priced at $39.99, it’s already impossible to find one. So, we have checked out the universe of stores and here is our list of where you may be able to get your hands on one. So far, all the store we checked are sold out but we urge you to revisit the links below as supplies may reappear at any time.

All TMX Elmo products are out of stock right now. Some people are reselling under the “new or used” option.
Link: TMX Elmo at Amazon and TMX Elmo and Barbie at Amazon

Available for prices ranging from $50 to $90. We urge that you verify the seller is legitimate before proceeding with any purchase.
Link: TMX Elmo at eBay

Appears to be out of stock.
Link: TMX Elmo at eToysicon

Toys R’ Us
No luck here.
Link: TMX Elmo at Toy ‘R Us

Also out of stock but offers three options: TMX Elmo, TMX with Barbie, and TMX (Hispanic Verison).
Link: TMX Elmo at WalMart

And now the video you’ve all been waiting for:

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Follow Up on Nokia E61 and E62

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Nokia E61

Since many of you responded to our recent quick look at the Nokia E61 and E62, we wanted to provide more information on where you might find one. We know that Cingular is likely to release the E62 in the fall and at this time we do not have any news on T-Mobile‘s plans. Regardless, right now you can buy an unlocked Nokia E61 and use it with either provider.

Here are some of the stores and prices for the Nokia E61:

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