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Madden NFL 07 – Taking Over Your Life on August 22nd

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Madden NFL 07

A few years ago, EA Sports ran a terrific print ad which summarized the Madden football series. The ad showed a sad woman with her head in her hands. The text said something like “Madden Football arrives in August, break it to her nicely”.

Yes, on Tuesday, August 22nd, Madden NFL 07 is finally out and millions will buy the game and spend the next month huddled around a TV, computer screen, laptop, or portable gaming device trying to show that they too can beat the Jets by the score of 84-7 (sorry Jets fans). Fan sites who tested/demoed that game have already issued their lists of complaints, but as always, once you play it for real for the first time, you’re hooked no matter how easy it is to score or beat up on 1972 Dolphins.

You can find the game at, ($2 off), Toys R Us, Computers4Sure, J&R, Walmart, and others.

P.S. – Don’t forget to check for any coupons.

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