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Lord Stanley at a Discount: 20% Anaheim Ducks Gear

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NHL Shop - Anaheim Ducks PuckNHL Shop

The Ducks are the Champs so get your gear (if you’re a fan, of course). The NHL Shop is making it easier by offering up to 20% off all things Ducks.

Link:  Save Up to 20% on Anaheim Ducks Gear for a Limited Time Only at the NHL Shop

June 11th, 2007 | Permalink

Zune: “We’re Number 2!”

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Microsoft Zune

Looks like Microsoft’s much maligned Zune may have done better this week than most of us expected. During it’s launch week, the Zune captured a 9% market share and a 13% dollar spent share in the portable media player market. These numbers may not seem high (consider iPod dominated at 63% and 72.5%) but they do mean that for this initial period, the Zune became the number 2 device behind the iPod. Before Microsoft execs pop the Champagne, they should remember that this was the product launch week so interest and promotions gave the product a boost.

If you’re interested in buying a Zune, so far it appears as if eCost wins the price battle with the brown and black Zunes in stock for $233.99 and the white Zune for $229.99. Don’t forget to use and get another $10 off. Amazon is a close second with all three colors selling for $239.99.

Zune BrownZune WhiteZune Black


November 30th, 2006 | Permalink

Black Friday: A Little Bit of Column A, a Little Bit of Column B

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Black Friday

According to The National Retail Federation, Black Friday brought both good news and bad news for retailers. While “only” 140 million people shopped in stores or online this past holiday weekend (including Friday), shoppers spent more than last year. The 58.9 million shoppers for Black Friday itself was actually a million less than in 2005. But, the average shopper spent $360.15 this year, representing an 18.9 percent jump from last year.

Electronics seem to be a big mover this year with flat screen TVs (plasmas and LCDs) finally reaching a more acceptable price range. Where once these products were reserved for the few willing to spend several thousand for high quality brands, today’s prices have moderated significantly and low-cost lesser-brand products are flooding stores from Wal-Mart to Best Buy. While supplies for desirable products such as the TMX Elmo and the recently launched Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii were small, many people went to stores hoping to find one only to walk out with other products.

We wonder whether the increased spending will actually translate to higher profits for retailers. As we previously noted, disappointing sales early in the year (likely driven by economic slowdown and gas prices) pushed many retailers to offer more and deeper discounts in hopes of resurrecting their annual numbers. Low prices may increase sales but smaller margins won’t help the bottom line.

Photo by Flickr user cerealfan

November 27th, 2006 | Permalink

It’s Election Day in America So Go Vote!

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2006 ElectionsThe 2006 Midterm Elections have finally arrived and its our day to exercise our civic duty and vote and shop. Here are our election picks (no: candidates, yes: The Candidate).

For the best news coverage (real or fake) we recommend The Daily Show’s “Midterm Midtacular” which promises to bring humor, sarcasm, and reality to this election season. I’m sure The Colbert Report will have its own unique perspective on the day’s results. If humor is not your thing, then check out the latest Political Podcasts where politicians share heir thoughts on today’s political happenings.

If you prefer the calmness and serenity of a book then settle in and enjoy the many political books that are currently on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers List. But, if you still crave some visuals, then explore alternate political realities found in The West Wing, 24, and The Candidate. For a behind the scenes look at the political process, don’t miss The War Room and Journeys With George.

Our Election Picks:  

November 7th, 2006 | Permalink

Amazon Launches Amazon Unbox Video Downloads Store

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Amazon Unbox officially launched its first full digital store with the debut of the Amazon Unbox Video Downloads Store. The concept is pretty simple — download the Amazon Unbox Video Player and then go to to the Amazon Unbox Video Downloads Store and download the videos of your choice (see Amazon graphic below).

Amazon Unbox Graphic

Some highlights from the Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Videos will play on computers identified in the “RemoteLoad” pull-down menu when you make a purchase (so you can play on multiple PCs but only select ones.
  • Amazon Unbox video downloads are not compatible with Apple / Macintosh hardware and computer systems and iPods.
  • One hour of programming is roughly equal to one gigabyte (1 GB) of file space on your computer.
  • Amazon Unbox only plays files downloaded from Each download includes two .wmv files (one main file containing the video and a preview file) and a .amzn file (smaller format file optimized for mobile devices). You cannot use Amazon Unbox to play video files downloaded from other vendors.
  • You can store your downloaded files on a DVD or other removable computer storage. However, any DVDs that you burn with Amazon Unbox files will not be readable by a DVD player.
  • When you choose to rent an Amazon Unbox video, your access to view the file is limited by the rental term (usually 30 days). After you begin playing an Amazon Unbox Video, you will have 24 hours to complete viewing it. After these expiration times, the Amazon Unbox Video will automatically be deleted from your computer and Your Media Library.
  • Puchased videos do not expire. You can download a purchased file onto 2 different PCs at one time and each PC can transfer the file to one portable video device.
  • Current supported portable video devices (PlayForSure): Creative Zen Vision: M, Creative Zen Vision, Toshiba Gigabeat S, Archos AV 500, Archos AV 700, and iRiver PMC.

The current selection of movies is pretty interesting and includes some favorites such as Office Space, Walk the Line, The Matrix, and Everything is Illuminated.

In the TV category, Amazon Unbox offers shows from: A&E, Adult Swim, Animal Planet, BBC, The Biography Channel, Cartoon Network, CBS, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, E!, Fine Living, FOX, Fuel, FX, Hanna-Barbera, HGTV, The History Channel, Logo, MTV, MTV2, The N, Nickelodeon, PBS, Speed, The Travel Channel, and VH1. That means you can download 24, South Park, CSI: Miami and some of our favorites including Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Mythbusters, and Chappelle Show: Uncensored.

Unbox also offers titles from several international sources including BBC (UK), KBS (Korea), and Bandai Anime (Japan).

To celebrate the opening of our new Amazon Unbox Video Downloads store, Amazon is offering a $1.99 instant rebate on your first purchase or rental (most TV shows are available for purchase at $1.99)

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Trump: “You’re Hired!”; You: “Woo Hoo”

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Donald Trump knows how, Now you can too.

I’m sure many of you were shocked and upset to learn that Donald Trump has fired one of his TV and business sidekicks Carolyn Kepcher. In her real job, Carolyn ran two of Trump’s golf courses which unlike his casino business are not bankrupt. After initial news of her firing and confirmation by Rhonna (who plays Trump’s assistance in real life too) rumors swirled about conflicts between the The Donald and Carolyn and suggestions that she let fame get to her head. Now, finally, the Trump Organization quickly got its act together and issued its feel-good press release where Carolyn even says “Donald has been an extraordinary boss and a great mentor over the years, and I will always be grateful.” For now, daughter Ivanka will take over the role as viceroy along with brother Donald, Jr. who apparently was already scheduled to take over for George Ross.

I don’t know how long the Trump family circus will last, so if you want a shot at one of those seats next to The Donald in the boardroom, maybe you should sign up for Trump University. As the floating head above suggests, this university is all about The Donald — being The Donald, becoming The Donald, worshiping the Donald (maybe not that one).

Wealth the Trump Way

As the pen above suggest, Trump University offers 36 education programs including audio courses, e-learning products, live seminars and coaching sessions focusing on real estate, entrepreneurship, marketing and wealth creation. It claims 40,000 students representing over 100 countries worldwide and over 5 million business audio and video downloads.

For more information visit Trump University.

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Amazon Taking Orders for Microsoft Windows Vista

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Windows Vista is now taking preorders for Microsoft Windows Vista. Considering Amazon lists January 30, 2007 as release date, I would say it’s pretty early. Initially scheduled for a 2006 release, Vista’s debut has already been postponed a few times and Microsoft will miss this years holiday shopping season.

Windows Vista is being released in several flavors ranging in price from $99 for the Basic version to $399 for the Ultimate version. As always, “upgrade” versions are about $100 cheaper. AP is reporting that Goldman Sachs analyst Rick Sherlund told his clients that Amazon’s pricing on the higher-end version was above his forecasts. He also through the product won’t be on the market until March. (Update: Microsoft has confirmed that these prices are official)

Having tested Windows Vista, I was impressed by the look, feel, and quality of the user interface. I think expert Windows users may struggle with the simplification of the the OS (particularly folder and file management) but with some customization, users can quickly regain control. I’m not crazy about the User Accounts Control, but thankfully that can be disabled or limited.

Anyway, If you want to be the coolest kid on the block and lock up your copy of Vista today, here are the links.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic DVD-ROM – $199.00

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade DVD-ROM – $99.95

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium DVD-ROM – $239.00

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade DVD-ROM – $159.00

Microsoft Windows Vista Business DVD-ROM – $299.00

Microsoft Windows Vista Business Upgrade DVD-ROM – $199.00

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate DVD-ROM – $399.00

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade DVD-ROM – $259.00

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Requiem to a Planet – Long Live Pluto

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I Love Pluto T-Shirt

As you all probably know, Pluto was recently demoted to a dwarf planet leaving our universe with only 8 planets. Unfortunately, the experts from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) concluded that Pluto is nothing more than a ball of ice orbiting Neptune. Attempting to please Pluto-files, the IAU considered modifying the definition of planets to include Pluto, but that would have promoted Ceres (formerly an asteroid) and 2003 UB313. Elementary school teachers would have rebelled if they had to teach kids about that last one.

So now the old mnemonic “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” has to change. Since I’m no longer enjoying my nine pizzas, I’m opening it to you to tell me what I’m being served (be nice, I’m moderating comments).

Pluto may no longer be a planet in our solar system, but it is a superstar in the Shopperism universe.

Join us as we all wear our I Love Pluto T-Shirts (see photo above).

Like a baseball card with a typo on it, maybe one day this book – Pluto the Ninth Planet – will be considered a collectors’ item.

Pluto Book

Want to show your kids and grandkids what the universe used to look like? Try this stunning Astro Lab Planetarium from the Smithsonian.


Gustav Holst was ahead (or actually behind) the times when he composed The Planets in 1917, 13 years before Pluto’s reign of phony planet-dum. Riding the wave of Pluto euphoria, composer Colin Matthews added Pluto to Holst’s work in 2000. Even Matthews admitted that Holst’s family would “amused and dismayed by this venture”.

Holst The Planets

But, there is no better way to say goodbye to the stinkin’ ex-planet by smelling like it. Thanks to our good friends at Disney, now you can smell like Pluto — the dog. (FYI – this fragrance is described as a “fresh, clean citrus, very youthful”)

Pluto Stinks

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