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Amazon Customer Vote: It’s Down to PS3 and Wii

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Playstation 3 on AmazonRush over now, before the clock strikes Midnight PST, and sign up to be eligible to buy a Nintendo Wii or a Playstation 3 (20GB or 60GB) from Amazon‘s Customer Vote. Just go to this page, login to your Amazon account, and sign up for one of the products. If you’re lucky, you will be notified that you’ve won and you will receive a claim code which will allow you to purchase the product on Tuesday. According to Amazon, your chances of wining are:

  • Sony PS3 20GB – 22 to 1
  • Nintendo Wii – 27 to 1
  • Sony PS3 60GB – 43 to 1

Not bad, eh?

Link:  Amazon Customer Vote

December 17th, 2006 | Permalink

Amazon Votes: Choose Your Deal Today for Zune, TMX Elmo, and More

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Amazon is shaking things up a bit. After its Customer Vote effort resulted in great deals, but overwhelming traffic, this week, you’re asked to vote on a deal by 11:59 PM on Sunday (12/10). Once the voting closes, customers will be randomly selected to receive a claim code for the product they voted for (whether it wins or not). Once you have the claim code, just come back anytime on Tuesday (12/12) to complete your purchase.

If your deal doesn’t win, the claim code you may receive will apply to a lesser, but pretty good deal on the product. We’re highlighting this point because the 30GB Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player is leading right now with the George Foreman Grill in second and TMX Elmo in third. Even if Elmo doesn’t catch up, if you vote for TMX Elmo and you’re chosen, you can guarantee yourself a hard-to-find product for less than $40. Here are the four products:

Amazon Customer Vote: Elmo and Zune

Link:  Amazon Customer Vote

December 9th, 2006 | Permalink

GameFly Giving Away a Wii a Day

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GameFly Wii a Day GiveawayGameFly is online video game rental service (think Netflix for video games). You can read more about them in one of our previous posts. But anyway, let’s get to the real story. From now until 11/30/06, GameFly is giving away one Nintendo Wii every day to its members.

Here is how it works. If you’re not a member, sign up for their service. Once you are logged in, look for the “PLAY NOW” button and click on it, at which point you will be immediately notified whether you won or not. If you won — feel free to gloat. If you didn’t, just click again the next day and every other day until 11/30 to see if you won.

Give it a shot and maybe you’ll be a winner. And as always, please make sure you read all the term and conditions.

Link:  GameFly Wii a Day Giveaway

November 17th, 2006 | Permalink

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