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March 21st, 2019 - 8:30 am Stores

Deal Alert: Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control for $124

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Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

Since we can’t stop raving about the Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control, we’re happy to pass along a couple of great deals which we hope may push some of you to finally upgrade. As a reminder, the 880 is a fully programmable universal remote control with a color screen and a charging dock. Thanks to a built in USB port, the 880 can sync with Logitech’s online programming application which contains codes for 150,000 devices, meaning no need for you to create manual macros.

Enough of the talk, now to the great deals. Amazon is selling the 880 for $153.99 and they are offering a $30 rebate if you purchase between 11/28 and 12/4. From what we can see, this is by far the lowest price on the market for a new 880. If you’re not crazy about rebates, consider eCost, which is selling the remote for $149 and you can save $10 by using Google Checkout. If you choose the eCost route, you may want to hurry because supplies are limited.


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