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April 14th, 2021 - 1:19 am Stores

Lagniappe: Download Firefox 2.0 Web Browser

File under: Computer, Lagniappe (Free! Free! Free!)

FirefoxOur first Lagniappe is a great web browser which we use here at Shopperism and would encourage our readers to try. Firefox 2.0 comes with tabbed browsing, phishing protection, pop-up blocker, themes, session restore, search suggestions, inline spell checker (which we rely on here), and feed preview. It’s a small install file and includes all the security and performance needs you would expect from a web browser. The many available add-ons allow you to plugin various tools and utilities to improve your web browsing experience. For example, if you’re viewing this page in Firefox right now, you can add our site to your Search Engines (that’s the search bar next to your address bar).


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