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April 13th, 2021 - 6:21 pm Stores

A Look at Sony’s New “My Style” Marketing Campaign

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After years of creating sleek black, grey, and white products, we recently noticed that Sony added color options to several lines of cameras and TVs. Now we know why.

Sony‘s latest marketing campaign focuses on what they’re calling My Style, where you pick from one of four color/personality combos which then promotes LCD TVs, laptops, headphones, MP3 players, and digital cameras all of which are in a design and style that matches the personality.

The four personalities are:

  • Yellow – Described as “Contemporary culture, music and urban trends”. For this style, Sony is promoting high quality silver and black devices and cameras along with a Vaio laptop painted in yellow and red.
  • Red – “Eye-catching patterns and a palette of colors to express my many moods”. Pink and red digital cameras and flowery designs.
  • Green – “Rich or pastel colors, and simple, elegant patterns and shapes”. Classic silver and black products with some pastel colored MP3 players and laptops.
  • Blue – “Streamlined functionality featuring modern or retro shapes and colors”. Black, blue, and silver products with very elegant and clean lines.

Again, the promoted products are all essentially the same, it’s really about the look of the various devices. I suspect this means that we should expect Sony to issue more styling options to its products. When you buy an LCD, for example, you will be able to pick a bezel color so you can match your style. It is also an attempt to push individuality, suggesting that there’s a Sony product to match various people.

We’ll keep track and see how far they take this campaign and we will of course update you on any developments.

Link: Sony My Style

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